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My biography in these few years

I am Fatima Hekmat Panah.
I have more than a decade of experience in designing, supervising and implementing architectural projects.

In my opinion, architecture is the spirit and emotion that is blown on the rough body of a structure, and in these few years, I have always tried to observe the two principles of simplicity and dynamism, the feeling and spirit of life in the places that are built for people to live. Manifestation!

By continuously learning and growing my knowledge at the level of a doctorate in architecture, I tried to give the correct knowledge of architecture to those interested in this field as a university lecturer in Tehran and Isfahan.

I hope I would be able to contribute to the architectural improvements of my country.

فاطیما حکمت پناه هستم.
بیش از یک دهه تجربه ی طراحی، نظارت و اجرای پروژه های معماری دارم.

معماری از نظر من روح و احساسی است که بر جسم خشن یک سازه دمیده می شود و در این چند سال همواره کوشیده ام که با رعایت دو اصل سادگی و پویایی، احساس و روح زندگی را در مکان هایی که برای زیستن انسان ها ساخته می شوند، تجلی دهم.

با آموختن مستمر و رشد دانش خود در سطح دکترای معماری، تلاش کردم که به عنوان یک مدرس دانشگاه، در تهران و اصفهان دانش صحیح معماری را به علاقمندان این رشته هدیه کنم.

امیدوارم که بتوانم سهمی هر چند کوچک در اعتای جایگاه معماری در فرهنگ و جامعه سرزمینم داشته باشم.

Your Dream House

Original design project of high quality raises profit – this is proved in practice by many of our customers.

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Ambitious Studio with a Successful Concept & Ideas

Customer Focus

Customers choose us for the simplicity of communication and an understanding of what it’s necessary to receive in the end.


We develop a full cycle of project documentation: an outline sketch, a design project, working documentation.

Multi Experience

We provide a wide range of services, we work in different styles, we project commercial and residential properties.

Author`s Supervision

We develop an attractive and convenient space for work and leisure time, working on units, selecting materials, manufacturers.

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The Core Company Values

We are constantly growing, learning, and improving and our partners are steadily increasing. 200 projects is a sizable number.

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    Creating a Concept

    The interior design of your dream begins with a concept.

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    Budget Planning

    The interior design of your dream begins with a concept.

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    Design Process

    The interior design of your dream begins with a concept.

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    Building Your Dream

    The interior design of your dream begins with a concept.